6. Februar 2010

Random Stuff – 1

Category: Hacking,Internet — Christian @ 17:42

Ein paar Sachen die schon seit geraumer Zeit in meiner Inbox vorsichhinschimmeln:


ADS is where some file metadata is stored.  Yes, it’s not viewable in Windows Explorer, but if you want more transparency with ADS, you can add ADS to the Properties tabs of the file system and view ADS for every file in the GUI by using StrmExt.dll. See: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms810604.aspx


If you are interested in shellcoding then check out www.projectshellcode.com for heaps of shellcode tutorials, whitepapers, tools and resources.

Metasploit Addon

MetaScanner is a script in ruby to scan a host for exploits than are already in metasploit framework. This is not a vulnerability scanner and may report some few false puritives. How many times have you scanned a host using nmap and then tried different exploits from the framework? This tool automates that for you. You can find it on http://kalgecin.110mb.com/index.php?id=codes.


Krakow Labs maintains a current list of security driven fuzzing technologies: http://www.krakowlabs.com/lof.html

Ich denke ich werde in Zukunft öfter Links mit so einer Kurzbeschreibung für Sachen posten, die bisher unter den Tisch gefallen sind, weil sie eigentlich keinen kompletten Blogeintrag rechtfertigen.

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