7. April 2007

Bruce Schneier Facts

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Gerade im Internet gefunden: Bruce Schneier Facts:

Sehr gut gefallen mir diese:

  • Bruce Schneier once beat an asymmetric cipher into symmetry.
  • Bruce Schneier’s secure handshake is so strong, you won’t be able to exchange keys with anyone else for days.
  • When Bruce Schneier observes a quantum particle, it remains in the same state until he has finished observing it.
  • For Bruce Schneier, SHA-1 is merely a compression algorithm.
  • Bruce Schneier writes his books and essays by generating random alphanumeric text of an appropriate length and then decrypting it.
  • Bruce Schneier is not only the man-in-the-middle, he’s at both ends and has wiretaps on Alice, Bob, Carol and Dave.
  • Bruce Schneier can crack a one-time pad before it’s used.
  • Bruce Schneier’s car is powered by Snake Oil instead of fossil fuels.

Für die weniger informierten Leser: Bruce Schneier ist der Autor von „Applied Cryptograph“ und „Secrets and Lies“, außerdem der Entwickler der Verschlüsselungsalgorithmen Blowfish und Twofish. Die Bruce Schneier Facts sind im Stil der bekannteren Chuck Norris Facts geschrieben.

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