20. August 2011

Pwnie Awards 2011

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Die Pwnie Awards 2011 sind vergeben. Soweit so gut so interessant und so lustig.

Allerdings sticht dieses Jahr der Most Epic Fail heraus:

Pwnie for Most Epic FAIL

Sometimes giving 110% just makes your FAIL that much more epic. And what use would the Internet be if it wasn’t there to document this FAIL for all time?

This award is to honor a person or company’s spectacularly epic FAIL. And the nominees are:

  • SonyAfter Fail0verflow and GeoHot published how to jailbreak the PS3, Sony got a bit miffed. Apparently unfamiliar with how the Internet works and how difficult it is to remove the piss from a swimming pool, Sony proceeded to try erase the information from the Internet and sue GeoHot et al. into oblivion. Needless to say, this was about as successful as the MiniDisc.
  • SonySpeaking of piss in a swimming pool, that just happened to be how well Sony protected their Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) users‘ account info and roughly 25 to 77 million account details were stolen by unknown hackers. That metaphor makes just about no sense at all, but you get the point: FAIL.
  • SonySony is definitely good at one thing: keeping the hits coming and their fans entertained. Oh wait, did we say Sony? We meant LulzSec. I guess that counts as another FAIL for Sony.
  • SonyAfter learning the hard way that their PlayStation Network was about as porous as air, Sony had to shut it down for over two months to rebuild it from scratch. In doing so, they made everyone from your 8-year old cousin to your barber learn about the importance of security. Hooray for us, sorry Sony shareholders.
  • SonyNoticing a pattern here? But wait, it gets better. Sony might have been able to better repel the multitude of attacks if they hadn’t just recently laid off a significant number of their network security team. Great timing, guys.

Ich finde, das hat schon wieder was. Und nun ratet mal, wer gewonnen hat. Der erste der mir die richtige Lösung schickt, bekommt einen kostenlosen E-Mail-Account bei Hotmail 🙂

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