14. März 2008

What is a Consultant

Category: Offtopic — Christian @ 02:33

CONsultant n. 1. Somebody you hire to borrow your watch, so you can find out the time.  2.  Somebody you hire to tell you you’re right — after you become disgusted with all the „yes-people“ around you.  [Also see CON, to swindle or defraud a victim by first winning his (sic) confidence, to dupe.]

Auch von David Isenberg. Sehr treffend.

Rise of the Stupid Network

Category: Internet,Literatur — Christian @ 01:39

Rise of the Stupid Network von David Isenberg, geschrieben im Mai 1997 aber immer noch mit erstaunlicher Aktualität. Sehr lesenswert, finde ich.